Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today's Look!

Sooo today I wanted to share my look of the day. I don't do a lot of those so I get excited when I do. It was soo beautiful today in NY I put my sunshine spirit on :)

Anyhoo, this beautiful dress I'm wearing is from H&M I got it for $15. My sandals are Kenneth Cole's Reaction I got it from for $25 with a groupon original price was $55. My beaded necklace was $12 from JC Penney and I was also carrying a coach wristlet. Very light make up all I had on my face was a little blush and eye liner. Hope you liked my look!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waleo by Jessica Simpson

 Waleo by JS! I'm yet to own a pair, but word on the street is Jessica Simpson's Waleo pumps are the most comfortable heels in the everyone's closet. Waleo, comes in an array of colors and retails anywhere from $89.99 on, as low as $71.20 on and $79.99 on They are all over at all different prices but everybody knows I refuse to pay full price if I can get a bargain so I'll wait around for a groupon or google offer before I get my first pair of waleos. I'm anxious to experience the super comfort everyone who owns them boasts about.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My New Luichiny's

I LOVE my new Luichiny wedges! As I told you on the previous blogpost I am head over wedges with these babies! Adorable and very comfy! I cannot wait to get the fuschia and the blue ones! My best wedges to date! What are you waiting for? Go grab em while they last :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Luichiny Wedgilicious!!!

Luichiny!!!!! I absolutely love everything Luichiny makes, especially their wedges! Luichiny to me makes some of the very cutest shoes and I could take a Luichiny makeover all day everyday. Today I wanted to blog about these beautiful wedges. Now, as you can imagine, I had a very hard time trying to decide on which one to get until I realized, no, it wasn't happening, I needed more than one. So I got the fuschia in the bottom row, the blue and black in the middle row. Gorgeous! I'm head over wedges! Now these babies retails for $89.95 on but I never pay full price :) I purchased a google offer which comes out every now and then. How that works is you can purchase a google offer to $25 gives you a $50 credit to and $50 gives you a $100 credit :D. It's just like a coupon but you are actually buying the coupon and you are saving 1/2 off! So I purchased a $50 google offer which gave me $100 credit to so instead of paying $89.95 per wedge I paid $50. Can't beat that. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today's Outfit!

Today I am wearing a tank dress I got from Victoria Secret a while ago. I was feeling very 'springy' and wanted to be bright and vibrant! I'm also wearing a blazer from H&M. Wedges are Mulberry from SD along with my every other day coach bag :)

Mulberry different view
Ashley Signature Coach Satchel

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Victoria Secret Leopard-Print Monokini

I came across this gorgeous leopard-print monokini from Victoria Secret and it will be my next swimsuit! I for one do not own a lot of swimsuits I'm really not a fan of pools and beaches because I can't swim :D but I must have this piece! What a gorgeous piece. I love the way the top wraps on you and I really love the leopard print in this style. Such a sexy piece. Genius! You can find this piece at for $69. Click link to shop

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shoemint's Olivia and Michael Kor's Python Tote!!

So this will be my next ensemble :) I'm not usually a fan of animal print to be honest but I've been seriously blown away by Shoemint's Olivia which I told you on a previous post Steve Madden manufactures all of Shoemint's shoes! Then, while window shopping online :) I came across this python print tote by Michael Kor's. Now this will be my next ensemble :) Links to items below.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Casual Monday for me! This celebrity lookalike for less outfit I put together to run my errands today. Not this best pic I need to invest in a decent camera ASAP! I was trying to come as close as possible to Jessica Alba's look as possible o.O :)

Olivia by Shoemint!

This is Olivia by I've just recently learned that all of Shoemint's shoes are by Steve Madden :D Sign me up!!! Anyways, Olivia comes in snake print and blush. I personally love both colors and every item on Shoemint is only $79.95. First time buyers can save 20% off their first item using promo code QULTY20. Click here to shop

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Betsey Johnson's Dareah

Meet Dareah by Betsey Johnson!  I own Dareah in the cobalt blue suede and I must say that Dareah is the most comfortable pair of heels I own and I do own many! I could keep Dareah on all day long and forget that I'm actually wearing heels. That's how comfortable they are. Dareah retails for over $100 on many sites including but you can actually score Dareah from for $29.99!!! Additionally, promo code BETSEYY gives you an additional 30% off the already low price of $29.99! It get's no better than that!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet Gala!!!!!!!

Meet Gala by Shoedazzle! Gala is the Giuseppe Zannotti look alike I told you about in a previous post. Gala, however comes in solid color with a metal heel unlike the Zanotti's that comes in a two tone color. Gala is available in pink and blue and can be purchased at for only $39.95. Not yet a member of Shoedazzle? You can become a member through my referral link at where you'll receive 25% off your first purchase using promo code bargaindazzle25!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shoedazzle's Pamela and Lovie

Meet Lovie and Pamela by Shoedazzle. These 2 beauties represent my 2 fashion sides. Edgy and Sassy. Lovie is so me when I'm feeling like a royal princess and Pamela me when I'm feeling 'rockish' :) You can score these 2 beauties at and for only $39.95. If you are not yet a member of Shoedazzle you can become a member through my referral link at where you'll receive 25% off your first purchase using promo code bargaindazzle25. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jessica Simpson Sale!

EMAILVIP gives you 30% off on and also Free Shipping now through Friday 4/13th!!!!

The Coach Sale Is Here!!!

So the coach sale is here and these are my favorites. The price tag on the signature tote is $169. There is however a smaller version for $99 but for those of you that know me knows I love bigger bags. The wristlet is on sale for $29. Then there's the file bag and the wallet. The file bag is going for $119 and the wallet $89. I love all the print on this entire collection!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giusseppe Zanotti's

So I'm head over heals about these Giueseppe Zanotti's. These are Nicki Minaj's feet btw :) The price tag on these babies are is $1150 but FRET NOT! Shoedazzle will be releasing a lookalike soon called Gala! I'm excited :)

Spring Fashion - Color Splash

Meet Kahlilia (top) from Bebe and  Georgette (bottom) from Shoedazzle. I'm loving Georgette in both yellow and white. Not so much the red. Georgette as you can see is a Bebe lookalike. The price tag on Kahlilia is $114 at but you can score these Shoedazzle babies for a lot lot less. Only $39.95. Links below :)


So I've recently become a Coach Junkee! Nothing wrong with that right? Anyhoo there'll be an online factory sale tomorrow 4/11 and I took a screenshot of the previews and I've gotta have the colored tote! My heart skipped 13 beats when I saw that baby!! Love Love!! I'll keep you Dolls updated with pics if I get her :) 

BTW if you'd like to become a member of Coach Factory and receive exclusive invites to sales just send me an email and I'll be sure to send you my referral link...and Oh! Yes! It's authentic coach :)

MAC Cake

How cool is this MAC cake? I love MAC. I want a cake like that!!!