Monday, April 23, 2012

Luichiny Wedgilicious!!!

Luichiny!!!!! I absolutely love everything Luichiny makes, especially their wedges! Luichiny to me makes some of the very cutest shoes and I could take a Luichiny makeover all day everyday. Today I wanted to blog about these beautiful wedges. Now, as you can imagine, I had a very hard time trying to decide on which one to get until I realized, no, it wasn't happening, I needed more than one. So I got the fuschia in the bottom row, the blue and black in the middle row. Gorgeous! I'm head over wedges! Now these babies retails for $89.95 on but I never pay full price :) I purchased a google offer which comes out every now and then. How that works is you can purchase a google offer to $25 gives you a $50 credit to and $50 gives you a $100 credit :D. It's just like a coupon but you are actually buying the coupon and you are saving 1/2 off! So I purchased a $50 google offer which gave me $100 credit to so instead of paying $89.95 per wedge I paid $50. Can't beat that. 

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