Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Everybody!!

Today, I want to take the time out to wish all the Mothers a very happy Mother's Day! Whether you are a biological mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, adoptive mother, surrogate mother whatever the case may be. Being a mother is a blessing! Special mother's day greetings to all the SINGLE MOTHERS out there who are both mother and father to their children! Let's keep doing what we do best and continue to raise, nurture and guide them in a positive direction. Happy Mother's Day!

BTW for those of you who are asking about my outfit my top is from My bag is Trevose (sold out) from
 My shoes are also from Jeggings are from
Tank top underneath is from Hollister, necklace is from Shoedazzle (sold out) I have very light make up on. The only thing on my face is moisturizer, blush, eyeliner, a little lip gloss and my brows gelled and filled in! 


IansBabe said...

Love the combo Tri!!! I am Trevose hating though...LoL

tri_tri said...

Thanks Doll!! I'm hoping Trevose makes a come back soon..this time I'll be sure to snatch every color. I want the black so bad! :)