Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today's Outfit of the Day!

Hello Dolls! Today I share with you my OOTD. Today I wore pink Aaliyah and pink Trevose from Shoedazzle. Aaliyah I got from the Bogo sale that's still going on I hope you guys are taking or took advantage of that awesome sale. I am also wearing white millenium skinny pants from pants are only $22.99. My top is from Hollister of course :) I don't remember how much the top was but I'm pretty sure it was under $20. Light make-up and jewelry to complete my look :) Hope you like it!



raliat11 said...

Love your outfit. Pink Trevose is absolutely gorgeous. I am really digging your style...:)

Raliat O.

tri_tri said...

Thanks Doll and thanks for subscribing :)


Neche said...

Love that bag, Dope outfit!!!

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Hannah said...

did those shoes fit big???