Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Iron Fists's Death Dance by JustFab

Death Dance!

Iron Fist!

So here's my latest purchase from the Iron Fist Collection from JustFab. Death Dance. I fell in love with Death Dance at first sight when I saw her on heels.com but decided to put my faith in JustFab that maybe they'll add Death Dance to their next Iron Fist Collection and they once again delivered! Death Dance fits true to size with a 5.5" heel height and a 1" platform. As you know, I'm not crazy about skulls and brains and the works but I have to see these beauties and the Lounge Days I purchased earlier show very little of those features except for th skull charm which I actually think is cute! I'll be partying with Death Dance this weekend and will be sure to post pics :) Click here to shop Death Dance!

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