Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bachata by Promise Shoes!

Meet Bachata, by Promise Shoes!!!

Promise Shoes Bachata in Fuschia.

Bachata comes in multiple colors!

Ok! This is Bachata, by Promise Shoes. This time I'm not head over heels, but bow over heels :) I went searching for Bachata after seeing YourNextShoes doing multiple posts on facebook about them linking them to who has them for $59.99. However, I decided to search for them in hopes of finding a lower price. Well I did! I scored Bachata from for $22! Yes $22 but wait!!! They've even reduced the price to $16!!!!!!! So right now, these babies that are also available in 5 other colors only cost $16 from I believe their shipping fee is $8 and there's also a 25% off promo code PUMPEDUP that you could use to save even more. So $59.99 or $16? I'll take $16 any day :)

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