Friday, August 31, 2012

Hattie vs Trudi

Trudi in teal $29.95

Meet Shoemint's Hattie and Shoedazzle's Trudi. I've had my eyes on Hattie for a while now when she first popped up in an ad on my facebook page for Shoemint and when I signed up for Shoemint every size and color were sold. However, Shoedazzle came to the rescue with Trudi. Though I prefer the orange colored Hattie, I decided to get the teal Trudi from Shoedazzle which was onlny $29.95. Hattie from Shoemint was $79.95! Hattie however is made from real leather and suede while Trudi isn't. So $79.95 real leather/suede compared to $29.95? Of course Hattie will be a better quality but you get what you pay for and for all the animal rights activists out there I'm sure you'll appreciate Trudi more. To shop Trudi click here.

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