Friday, August 31, 2012

Hattie vs Trudi

Trudi in teal $29.95

Meet Shoemint's Hattie and Shoedazzle's Trudi. I've had my eyes on Hattie for a while now when she first popped up in an ad on my facebook page for Shoemint and when I signed up for Shoemint every size and color were sold. However, Shoedazzle came to the rescue with Trudi. Though I prefer the orange colored Hattie, I decided to get the teal Trudi from Shoedazzle which was onlny $29.95. Hattie from Shoemint was $79.95! Hattie however is made from real leather and suede while Trudi isn't. So $79.95 real leather/suede compared to $29.95? Of course Hattie will be a better quality but you get what you pay for and for all the animal rights activists out there I'm sure you'll appreciate Trudi more. To shop Trudi click here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bachata by Promise Shoes!

Meet Bachata, by Promise Shoes!!!

Promise Shoes Bachata in Fuschia.

Bachata comes in multiple colors!

Ok! This is Bachata, by Promise Shoes. This time I'm not head over heels, but bow over heels :) I went searching for Bachata after seeing YourNextShoes doing multiple posts on facebook about them linking them to who has them for $59.99. However, I decided to search for them in hopes of finding a lower price. Well I did! I scored Bachata from for $22! Yes $22 but wait!!! They've even reduced the price to $16!!!!!!! So right now, these babies that are also available in 5 other colors only cost $16 from I believe their shipping fee is $8 and there's also a 25% off promo code PUMPEDUP that you could use to save even more. So $59.99 or $16? I'll take $16 any day :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Prisca vs Nanette


Shoedazzle's Nannette vs Prisca. Which do you prefer? I missed out on Nannette which is no longer available because I never liked too much the shape of the toe. Boy am I sorry! Nannette was a hit and in all honesty a very beautiful shoe. I'm not a fan of animal prints but the leopard print heel is just about enough print for me and is perfect. I sure did miss out on a sweetheart. But, don't despair! Prisca is here! Prisca comes to us with the same signature sole and a pink snake print heel! I do prefer the leopard print over the snake print but since I missed out on the beautiful Nannette I will settle with Prisca! She fits true to size and her heel height is 4.25". To shop Prisca click here!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Iron Fist Lounge Days Platform!

I am sooo excited about my Iron Fist Lounge Days Platforms from These are my very first pair of Iron Fist shoes. I fell in love with Lounge Days at first sight but was so afraid to make a purchase because I was unsure of the sizing and fit. It took me weeks before I pulled the trigger and I'm happy to say they are very true to size and perfect. I'm not a fan of skulls and brains and such but these babies only have a removable skull charm on the ankle straps which is actually super cute! The heel height is 5.5" and the platform is 1.5". There's also a bag available that matches the Lounge Days Platform but these beauties in my opinion is already a statement piece so I wont try to match her with anything though you all know I'm all about matching my shoes and bags. Instead I will pair her with my white trevose bag from Shoedazzle or a solid black bag. So, if you were thinking or are thinking of getting the Lounge Days Platform from JustFabulous which isn't even available yet from which when it does become available I'm sure will cost way more than what JustFab's offers it for $39.95, DO IT!! Click here to shop Iron Fist's Lounge Days Platform from JustFabulous! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shoedazzle's August Celebrity Shoe!

Meet the August celebrity shoe Monroe designed by Vanessa Lachey! This bootie only comes in black and boasts with a 5" inch heel and a 1.75" platform and costs only $39.95. 100% of Monroe's profits will benefit Operation Shower. Operation Shower is dedicated to celebrating and honoring military families by providing joyful baby showers to ease the burden of deployment. To shop Monroe click here.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

JustFab's Nikita vs Steve Madden's Viktoree

Hello Dolls! First and foremost let me make the correction. The shoe on the left is JustFab's NIKITA. Not Payson. I apologize for the error. Anyhoo, today I bring to you another look for less idea. Meet Nikita from JustFab and Viktoree from Steve Madden. Now, Nikita appears to be Payson's who was released last month by JF sister. Seems like the same exact shoe to me in different colors. Payson came in nude, tangerine and purple and Nikita comes to us in black, grey and leopard. Nikita retails for only $39.95 from JustFab while you see how much Viktoree retails for :) They both boast the same super cute platform and you can hardly tell the difference between these two beauties. Dress Nikita and Viktoree up or down night or day!